We chat to Krystle Knight Jewellery founder and mother of two beautiful children Krystle Knight - all about her role as a successful business owner, whilst also juggling everything that being a mother brings.  


We would love to hear a little about you and who’s in your family? 

We are a little family of 4 living just north of Byron… originally from Sydney.. we have been up here for nearly 6 years.

There is myself, Krystle - I have a jewellery label & little shop in Byron - Krystle Knight jewellery. 

Asha - my partner - he is a carpenter & he grew up, up here.. however we met when he was living in Sydney.

We have Ryder Wylde- he just turned 3 + Alaska Skye, she is just 9 months.


What is the best piece of advice you received about motherhood that has stayed with you?

Friends would always say “this too shall pass”, in the moment of my first baby, this advice was hard to get my head around, as I thought the tough times would never end…but the 2nd time round, I now know, that it is true.. everything is just a phase.. some days are harder than others & then you blink & they are 3!!

The saying - The days are slow bye the years are fast” is so true.

A word that also stuck with me is ‘Surrender’ 

Surrendering when your body is growing a baby, surrendering in birth... as your body just knows what to do...& then surrendering as a parent, every single day.


Owning your successful jewellery label Krystle Knight Jewellery, how do you manage running your business and being a mother of two?

The juggle is real!

Asha & I spend a lot of our time discussing pick up / drop off times & days + as we both work for ourselves - there is the juggle of who gets to work on which day, with Alaska also being so little & not yet in daycare.

I am lucky that Asha is super supportive of me being at work & that he has always been open to spending more time at home with the kids, while I go back to work. I am also fortunate enough that the KKJ team is growing, which is allowing me to take off days with the kids when I need to.


What is one baby item you could not be with out?

A Baby carrier! Game changer! It gives a mum her 2 hands back!



Your top 3 favourite items from birdie + me?

Silicon Spoon & Folk- Perfect for Alaska starting out her food journey

Hoodie Bath Towel - We use these towels for both kids every night!

Bundl Wool Wrap - I wish I had this for Alaska when she was little - so cosy!!


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