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Playdough Bundle - Botanical

Botanical Playdough Bundle (Set of 5)

Introducing The Little Playdough Co's latest edition... The Botanical Playdough Bundle. Featuring a beautiful assortment of petite jars (120g), each filled with petals & essenial oils to encourage your little ones to rest & reset whilst mindfully engaging in play.

All of our Botanical Playdough items are handmade using only the finest quality, food grade ingredients and lightly scented with 100% essential oils.

Each Botanical Playdough Bundle will feature the following scents:

  • Lavender-infused Lavender Seed Playdough
  • Peppermint-infused Blue Cornflower Playdough
  • Rose-infused Rose Petal Playdough
  • Lemon-infused Calendula Playdough
  • Bergamot-infused Wildflower Playdough

 At The Little Playdough Co, we ensure that all of our handcrafted playdough is made from the finest quality ingredients available. This includes using 100% organic coconut oil, resulting in a buttery soft, pliable texture that also moisturises your little one's hands whilst engaging their senses.

At The Little Playdough Co we have made sure that all of our playdough is:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Vegan
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • 100% Taste Safe (unless otherwise stated)
  • Cruelty Free

Please note that although all of our playdough is lovingly handmade from 100% non-toxic, food grade ingredients (unless otherwise stated), it is not intended for human consumption. We recommend these products suitable for ages 3+. Please ensure adult supervision at all times.

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